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Cassandra R.

"My daughter has struggled to find something she loves to do and to keep her mind on track (she is ADHD and ODD) . She wanted to try ballet and acro and I just knew she had to go try it at starbound. She is absolutely in love with ballet and acro and actually decided to take on tap and hip hop all within months of starting . She has been dancing 1 year and is already ready for season 2 and starting comp! Even during COVID-19, these lovely ladies offered virtual dance classes for the kids Monday-Saturday . My daughter continued doing her classes virtually and still felt so encouraged from her teachers through zoom. The dance teachers are absolutely amazing here. They all have such an amazing attitude and I find they always so encouraging. The studio also has such an amazing Atmosphere when you walk in."

Robin & Jeremy S.

"Our daughter has had the pleasure of dancing at Starbound Dance Center for several years now. During that time we have seen the staff at Starbound pour their heart and soul into helping her to grow and mature as a dancer, teammate, and person. We really love that she gets an immense amount of individualized instruction and attention at Starbound. We greatly appreciate how hard all the teachers and staff at Starbound work to foster an atmosphere of teamwork. It really has the feeling of being a family and that’s invaluable to us. Starbound has been an integral part of our family’s lives and we are very thankful for the positive impact it has had on each of us, especially our daughter. Memories have been made that will last a lifetime. " 

Kerri P.

"Starbound Dance Center has been absolutely amazing for my 2 girls, aged 4 and 6 years old. They both took Acro and absolutely loved it! The instructors were amazing with them, made the classes so much fun, and they learned SO much in the past 10 months (their first year of acro). Management has been amazing to work with and everyone at that studio, at all levels, has celebrated every accomplishment of all dancers. I love walking in there, it's such a bright, friendly, and fun atmosphere for kids to learn in!!! I know understand the meaning behind the term "dance family"!" ​

Ashley T.

"We have been at Starbound for a few years now and my daughters love it! They jump out of the car and run for the door when we get there. The teachers are incredibly attentive and patient, creative and caring. There is a variety of classes for rec and comp and no one is excluded. I recommend this studio to anyone"

Jade P.

"My daughter was just under 2 when we joined Starbound, it did wonders for her! She opened right up and made so many new friends. The teachers are all amazing and have become friends not only to my daughter but to myself as well. The other moms have been more than helpful and kind with whatever we have needed. Would highly recommend this studio!"

Robyn J-A.

"Ever since she was very small, our daughter struggled with shyness and anxiety. She eventually developed something called Selective Mutism meaning that she literally couldn’t talk to most people she didn’t know. We also discovered that she had a fairly severe visual impairment that was finally diagnosed when we noticed her falling behind in school. It was hard for us to watch her struggle every day just to get through life. As a way to try to help her with her self confidence, we started her in Pageants, and saw some improvements, but she still struggled greatly. We truly didn’t know where else to turn. And then “IT” happened. A day that changed our lives. Montana was competing at a charity pageant here in town, and as we were walking away from the event, we were approached by a couple of young ladies who congratulated her and handed us a flyer. It was for dance classes at a new studio here in town. We had never even considered dance before because we were worried about so many things. Strangers, pressure, sight issues etc. but Montana expressed an interested so we figured why not give it a try? We registered her for one class that first year never expecting her to make it past the first week. Boy were we wrong. She ended up taking 3 classes that year, and she THRIVED!! Over the next three years we have watched our girl change before our very eyes all because of dance and more specifically because of the Studio she attended. She has become a completely different version of herself, and dance was the catalyst behind it all. The Studio and teachers were/are fantastic in working with her and her issues, never once holding them against her or holding her back. Dance had become “life” for Montana. She now takes TEN classes a WEEK! It is a part of her identity. It’s “who she is” We feel strongly that she wouldn’t be the fantastic young lady she is today if it wasn’t for her Studio. She continues to amaze me each and every day. She is MY hero."

Kevin V.

"Starbound has been an awesome experience for our teenage son. He was given some very unique opportunities to perform at great risk to the studio by not having the same years of experience as other dancers. With careful coaching and practice he has really come out of his shell and is a contributing member of the competition team. Thanks for taking a chance with him."

Kristin J.

"We’re loving our experience at Starbound this year. My older daughter is thriving and learning so much in every class! The teachers are very encouraging and at the same time challenging her each class. My 2 year old loves her creative movement class and begs to go to dance every time her sister does. I highly recommend Starbound Dance Center!"

Courtney S.

"My Kids have been dancing with them for the past couple years and they all love it! The recreational classes are amazing for when they kids just wanna try something new and for fun. But their competition classes just blew me away from my eldest daughter not sure if she really wanted to dance to begging me to let her do more this year! It just showed me how encouraging these ladies are and the love my daughter gets from her dance family is just incredible. Would definitely recommend them to anyone just starting out or that have danced for years!"