Competitive Program

The Competition Experience

The rehearsals, the routine, the costume, the traveling, the amazing dance experience, with no dance experience required.

Find yourself sparking up the stage in a jazz solo, flying across the judges eyes in a group ballet, or bringing tears to an entire room with a lyrical solo.

We offer a wide range of styles for dancers to compete, so there is a place for everybody to shine.

Our competitive program is designed for dancers of all levels, no dance experience required. Competition teaches kids to be part of a team, promotes self-esteem, and accountability. It gives students who love to dance, so many more opportunities to perform and do what they love! We allow students to chose what suits them best whether that be just one competition number, or 15.

3 competitive streams: 

- Intro To Competition  (3-6 year olds, 1 local competition, 1 competition in Southern Alberta)

- Competitive Team (6+ year olds, 3 competitions in Southern Alberta, 1 local competition)

- Intensive Competitive Team (invitation only, 4+ competitions in Southern Alberta, 1 local competition)

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Each of our competitions are hand-picked every year to ensure your dancer is getting the best competition experience.

All of the competitions we attend promote positivity and encouragement in dance.

Every dancer receives a pin or medal and all of the judges give feedback to help dancers improve in the most positive way possible.

Starbound proudly sets up 10+ fundraising opportunities a year to help families cover the cost of competing, with most fundraisers being local to Lethbridge and area or Southern Alberta.

Solos are open to all dancers!

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