Why choose competition?
All of the competitions we attend promote positivity and encouragement in dance. Every dancer receives a pin or medal. There are still special awards given to groups and solo such as most promising, outstanding, and special judges choice awards. All of the judges give feedback to help dancers improve in the most positive way possible. Competition teaches kids to be part of a team, promotes self-esteem, and accountability. 
It gives students who love to dance, so many more opportunities to perform and do what they love! We allow students to chose what suits them best whether that be just one competition number, or 15. 
We have many fundraising opportunities available to help families cover the cost of competing. 

Why should you take recreational classes in combination with Competition classes?
Recreational classes are where students are given the opportunity to learn new skills, and really work on building a foundation of solid technique. It is highly recommended to take a ballet class, since ballet is the foundation of all dance. Without taking any recreational classes a dancer will be able to learn some cool routines, but at the end of the day they will be behind in learning their technique if they don’t incorporate technical classes in combination with their competition classes. 

Why choose to do a solo or duo?
Solos and duos really give the dancer opportunity to grow by working one on one with their instructor. It is truly a valuable gift to be able to work so closely with you teacher and have their attention directed only to you. It’s a great way to build self-esteem by going on the stage all by yourself (don’t worry to much your teacher and team will all be there cheering you on). It truly gives
students a chance to come out of their shell. Still a little bit nervous to be by yourself then choose to do a duo, and then you have that extra support of having one of your friends on stage with you. Duos also create a bond between dancers that lasts the rest of their lives. It also gives you the opportunity to receive comments from judges that are based soley towards yourself, and sometimes you just need to hear it from somebody besides your teacher. 

Frequently asked questions

Why choose dance?
There are so many great benefits to choosing dance as a physical activity for you child. Dance promotes socialization, fosters lifelong friendships, build teamwork, promotes creative, builds musicality, helps children with their fine and gross motor skills, helps develop co-ordination, fosters self-esteem building, can be an emotional outlet, increase muscle strength and endurance, improve balance, helps with spatial awareness and improves flexibility. 

Why do I pay for a full month regardless if there is 3, 4, or 5 classes?
The dance year runs 10 months from September to June, and fees are based on 32 lessons per year. This does take into account Holidays such as Easter, Christmas, Reading Week, Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day and Family Day. Some months classes may run 5 times per a month, and other months 3 times per month so the cost is based on an average instead of being calculated monthly based on the amount of days a class would run. We do run classes the week following recital so that students can say goodbye to their teacher and all of their friends. We always make this pj week, and students get to finish off the year by having a party!

Why choose us when there are so many dance studios to choose from?
We believe everybody deserves a chance to dance and we accept everybody regardless of age and/or experience.
We offer both a competitive and recreational stream so dancers can chose where they would fit in best.

Our competitive program is open to absolutely anyone including those with no dance experience. We offer a wide range of styles to chose from, so there is a place for everybody to shine. 

We offer small classes sizes. All of our recreational classes are capped at 12 students, and our competitive classes cap at 16. All of our classes 5 and under have demonstrators (Senior Students) in the room to assist the teacher to make sure that every student receives some one on one attention during class. 

We open up a full program to those ages 6 and up including ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, swing jazz, musical theater and acro!

We are one of the few studios to offer many fundraising opportunities to parents to help cover the costs for those interested in competitive classes. 

Every year we recognize 6 dancers to receive a personalized scholarship.

What do I wear to dance class?
We ask that all ballet classes wear tights, a bodysuit, ballet slippers, and hair in a bun. For dancers 5 and under we ask that they wear tights, a bodysuit, and ballet slippers. We do have a basic dance package available for purchase that will supply you with everything you need. For tap class you will need tap shoes. For all other classes we ask dancers to wear clothing that they are comfortable in, and make them feel like a dancer. We do have jazz shoes available for jazz class, and lyrical shoes available for lyrical and contemporary class, but these are completely optional. We do ask dancers to please always wear hair back off their face when they are dancing, with the exception of hip hop. 

How do I make payments?
You can make payments by either writing post dated cheques, cash, e-trasnfer, or with credit/debit cards on our online payments through our Jack Rabbit system. All payments are due by the 20th of every month. You can choose to pay in 10 monthly installments, 2 yearly payments, or pay everything up front.