Crawl & Climb Program - CLOSED

A child-lead self-exploration program

WHERE: Starbound Dance Center

WHEN: Every Tuesday from 10:00am-12:00pm
- Currently closed
PRICE: $5 drop in fee (includes tax)
- drop ins welcome anytime between open hours


*Waiver must be signed upon first visit

What is Crawl & Climb?

Crawl and Climb is a child-lead self-exploration program.

Our program runs different course set-ups every week that allows your little one to roll, crawl, waddle, walk, run and play freely and safely.

Our courses feature bright and colourful mats that are designed to capture your little ones attention, different levels, mats and tents to crawl through or over, explore and a weekly playlist of songs that your little one will want to move to.

Let your child play, sing and build fine and gross motor skills with us at Crawl and Climb - A morning full of music, giggles and playtime... and just in time for lunch and a nap. 

Benefits of Crawl & Climb

- Social interaction
- Self exploration
- Parent-baby bonding
- Builds fine and gross motor skills - Builds musicality
- Improves physical health
- Encourages socialization
- Improves coordination