"I have two kids who both attended. My daughter who is 7 and my son who is 4. They both loved going every Wednesday evening and seeing them grow and perform was an amazing thing. They both developed close relationships with their teachers and talked about them very often. Going there was such a relaxing experience, everyone talked to everyone and it felt like a home away from home. My daughter has attended other dance studios before but NOTHING in comparison to Alida's!! The performance at the end of the year was beautifully done and it shows how well they do with children of all ages."​

- Amanda James
"Starbound Dance Center has been absolutely amazing for my 2 girls, aged 4 and 6 years old. They both took Acro and absolutely loved it! The instructors were amazing with them, made the classes so much fun, and they learned SO much in the past 10 months (their first year of acro). Management has been amazing to work with and everyone at that studio, at all levels, has celebrated every accomplishment of all dancers. I love walking in there, it's such a bright, friendly, and fun atmosphere for kids to learn in!!! I know understand the meaning behind the term "dance family"!"

​- Kerri Perkins

" We have had the pleasure of getting to know the staff and having them teach our grand daughters. They have always encouraged the girls and made dancing fun with learning a lot along the way. The studio has a warm and welcoming atmosphere and we have made good friends with the staff, dancers, and parents. We are very much a big family. We would highly recommend this studio."
- Diane Wiltshire
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
"Ever since she was very small, our daughter struggled with shyness and anxiety.  She eventually developed something called Selective Mutism meaning that she literally couldn’t talk to most people she didn’t know.  We also discovered that she had a fairly severe visual impairment that was finally diagnosed when we noticed her falling behind in school.  It was hard for us to watch her struggle every day just to get through life.  As a way to try to help her with her self confidence, we started her in Pageants, and saw some improvements, but she still struggled greatly.  We truly didn’t know where else to turn.  And then “IT” happened.  A day that changed our lives.  Montana was competing at a charity pageant here in town, and as we were walking away from the event, we were approached by a couple of young ladies who congratulated her and handed us a flyer.  It was for dance classes at a new studio here in town.  We had never even considered dance before because we were worried about so many things.  Strangers, pressure, sight issues etc. but Montana expressed an interested so we figured why not give it a try?  We registered her for one class that first year never expecting her to make it past the first week. Boy were we wrong. She ended up taking 3 classes that year, and she THRIVED!!  Over the next three years we have watched our girl change before our very eyes all because of dance and more specifically because of the Studio she attended.  She has become a completely different version of herself, and dance was the catalyst behind it all.  The Studio and teachers were/are fantastic in working with her and her issues, never once holding them against her or holding her back. Dance had become “life” for Montana.  She now takes TEN classes a WEEK!  It is a part of her identity.  It’s “who she is”
We feel strongly that she wouldn’t be the fantastic young lady she is today if it wasn’t for her Studio.
She continues to amaze me each and every day.  She is MY hero."

- Robyn Jonassen-Armstrong
"This is by far the best studio we have ever been to.  Everyone is treated like family.  The staff is awesome and my daughter loves to come to dance class every week because of them.  If i had to pick 3 words to describe the studio, they would be fun, friendly and fantastic!"

- Kristin Wiltshire
"From the moment we registered our daughter for dance  we knew it was the perfect place for our daughter to learn and grow. The atmosphere is inclusive, positive and friendly. The play based style of teaching the staff use with the toddlers made it easy for my shy toddler to come out of her shell. The staff are experienced and wonderful with children, and lead a good example for the little ones to follow. Alida was always friendly and made time to say hello to my girl, regardless of how busy her day was. Watching my shy two-year-old enter dance, to watching her year end performance brought me to tears. I was shocked at how well my little girl knew her dance moves, and how confidently she preformed them. Our Monday dance classes were highly anticipated by my daughter- all week long! If I could paint the picture of the perfect dance studio- it would be everything that this studio embodies. The staff and owners should know how loved and appreciated they are by our family, we are so grateful for all of the big steps our daughter made this year- all thanks to this studio!"

- Abigail Easby

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
"This is my daughter's first year at Starbound and my only regret is that I didn't bring her to dance with their instructors sooner. Having danced with Alida, Geordan, and Sylvia this year my daughter has not only grown more in one year then the previous 5 of dance, but gained confidence, and built positive friendships and relationships with her teachers. They truly take the time to get to know your child, welcome everyone and the only requirement is a love of dance, no crazy pointless exam fees, auditions to compete etc. The teachers from my daughter's old studio literally could not believe she was the same student they had after seeing her perform."

- Abby Kisio
"This is my daughters first year at this studio and we are so incredibly pleased with Starbound! She has danced at two other studios previously and this is the first year she LOVES dance. Alida, Geordan and Sylvia are very patient, very positive and encouraging. Our daughter has grown more this year as a dancer than any other year. The studio has a family like atmosphere where you’re always feeling comfortable and welcome. We absolutely would recommend it to those just starting and wanting a fun class, to those interested in dance becoming their passion, or to those that have danced elsewhere and need a change or fresh start!"

​- Laurie Chinn