Teacher Certifications
Our teaches attend training and certification courses to stay current and up to date in what’s new trending in the dance world. These certifications expand their dance education and knowledge of different methods of teaching and technique to ensure our students receive the highest quality of dance education.
  1. PBT
    Progressing Ballet Technique is an innovative program developed by Marie Walton-Mahon for students to understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best in classical ballet. It is difficult for students to feel what muscles initiate the correct alignment in ballet training, however, as the fit ball is continually mobile under the students’ body, it gives the students a sense of posture and weight –placement whilst feeling each correct muscle group. Nothing takes the place of good ballet training, however, alongside ballet training, PBT accelerates technique.
  2. TADA
    TADA was founded in 2012 By Tyler Ayres. At the time Ayres was still performing full-time and saw a need for structured, professional quality and safe training for athletes wanting to pursue a career in performing arts and circus. His philosophy is to help people in the safest and purest form with the highest quality of training. Upon its creation TADA has teamed up with many professional coaches, performers and companies internationally to help provide the highest quality in excellent training for Hand Balancing, Acrobatics, Flexibility, Dance and Aerial. TADA has worked many years to provide a Hand Balancing Teacher certification course providing coaches and teachers with Certified excellence in Hand balance training.
  3. Acrobatic Arts
    The program is based on safe and effective progressions with proven results in five divisions of AcroDance: Flexibility, Strength, Balancing, Limbering and Tumbling. Developed with input from professionals and experts in ballet, modern dance, jazz, contortion, artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, sport acrobatics, yoga, acro yoga, pilates, physiotherapy, hand balancing and more, you will not find a more comprehensive program. Simple thoughtful progressions take the beginner preschool level dancer from log rolls and summersaults to the advanced dancer tumbling effortlessly across the stage!
  4. IDTS
    The International Dance Teaching Standards (IDTS) was formed in 2006 in British Columbia Canada through a collaboration of dance education professionals seeking a higher standard of educational expectation for dance teachers. Topics, theories and ideas are presented to teachers and discussed. Their program teachers are required to meet extensive credential standards and have years of experience teaching dance at the studio level. Their teachers understand the needs of dance teachers at all levels in the industry.
  5. ADAPT
    ADAPT (Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers is a certified "dance syllabus" offering yearly examinations in the dance disciplines of Tap, Jazz, and Ballet. ADAPT dance teachers are leaders in quality dance training. They teach the love of dance and movement not only to the elite student, but to the recreational dancer as well.
  6. Acrobatique
    Acrobatique is meticulous about the quality of AcroDance Education they provide; from preschool to advanced level material, they take their time to ensure teachers fully understand how to teach and spot AcroDance properly. Acrobatique students have an immense advantage due to their specific strength and flexibility training; helping them become better dancers and avoid many common dance injuries. The Acrobatique Teacher’s Certification Course is a “competency-based” program, where teachers actively learn how to teach and spot AcroDance on real students.
Alixa Flexibility
The Alixa Flexibility program works with all levels of abilities & ages, building a solid flexibility foundation with the focus on injury prevention and safety. They run courses all over the world on how to properly teach flexibility, injury prevention, and safe techniques to stretch & improve. Alixa’s 20 years of experience teaching flexibility & contortion (including at Cirque du Soleil) make their program completely unique.